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Programme Overview

Certificate in Investing in Innovation is aimed at equipping professionals with the essential knowledge and skills needed to identify, assess, and invest in innovative companies. It is designed for individuals seeking to invest in innovative companies driving economic growth and transformation across industries.


In this programme, participants will learn how to evaluate the potential of innovative companies based on an analysis of market trends, an understanding of regulatory requirements, and an evaluation of the competitive landscape. Participants will also gain an understanding of the various stages of the investment process from deal sourcing to an evaluation of likely financial returns and impact.


The program will be taught by current leaders in the private equity and venture capital space. Participants will engage in interactive case studies and group discussions to apply their learning to real-world scenarios.


At the end of the programme, the participants will be able to:


  • Analyse market and industry’s risks trends and developments and their implications, including innovation investment potentials and risks to investors/stakeholders’ goals and overall growth agendas
  • Utilise toolkit of evergreen principles, resources, and quantitative and qualitative methodologies to research, source, mine, appraise and perform due diligence, financial modelling and valuation on promising innovation themes, projects, and value creation across the marketplace
  • Navigate and connect with different members of the innovation/start-up / PEVC ecosystem and strategically engage in partnership framework explorations, negotiation, deal-making and post-deal involvement in the innovation scaling-up journey
  • Execute screening and due diligence process leveraging analytical tools and indices to determine long-term value creation in a real-world context
  • Apply a suitable and effective reporting framework for communication and disclosure to stakeholders

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