About the ACC

Hosted by the Wealth Management Institute, the Asia Centre for Changemakers (ACC) aims to build capacity and nurture a strong pipeline of active and informed changemakers with a focus on Asia. Our mission is to empower these individuals to deploy their resources, skills and passion for a better tomorrow.


As Asia’s foremost learning lab for philanthropy and impact capital, the ACC is committed to guiding family principals, professionals, advisors and social entrepreneurs in moving up the learning curve, through three key initiatives: Building capabilities, talent, and professionalism in the impact sector; fostering a community of practice; and shaping and sharing Asian-grown thought leadership. The ACC is supported by Temasek Trust and the Philanthropy Asia Alliance.

Professionalising the sector​

To build capabilities in strategic philanthropy and impact capital, and address knowledge gaps in creating effective solutions that have long-term positive social impact. These will include certification programmes for critical skills such as philanthropy advisory, effective capital deployment and impact management, as well as fellowship programmes with overseas learning journeys to gain exposure to global best practices.

Certified Impact Philanthropy Professional programme

The Certified Impact Philanthropy Professional is the ACC’s signature programme. It is designed to provide family office professionals, wealth advisors and planners with the knowledge and skills to support high net worth individuals and families with their social change endeavours.


Through a series of practitioner-led teachings and hands-on discussions, participants will graduate with the ability to confidently strategise, advise, and implement philanthropic plans for families and clients to drive transformational change.

Impact Fellowship​

This is a 6-month cross-border learning journey for funders and social entrepreneurs to learn how to turn their visions for a better world into reality.


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Fostering a community of practice​

Join the growing community of funders and founders by participating in smaller, curated roundtables and showcases across the year.


We will convene family principals, foundation leaders, impact investors, wealth advisors, and social entrepreneurs to exchange experiences and best-practice solutions. 

Shaping and sharing Asian-grown thought leadership​

Create distinct Asian insights through research and thought leadership, including case studies and best practices for Asian changemakers.

Philanthropy Guide

The number of wealth owners and family offices in Singapore continues to grow, and it is heartening to see that many have a strong appetite to give back to society, both in Singapore and regionally. 


Against this backdrop, the Wealth Management Institute (WMI) has lanched a series of Philanthropy Guides together with the Private Banking Industry Group and supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, aimed at bringing together family principals and offices to collectively tackle society’s most pressing challenges and issues.

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