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Certificate in International Tax Considerations for Family Wealth

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Programme Overview

With the increasing globalization of Family Wealth, tax considerations are integral to ensure families comply with global tax conditions to preserve wealth.


This course explores in-depth tax considerations in Singapore and across the globe, allowing learners to understand how best to advise or practice tax compliance for family offices. It covers the broad overview of existing and emerging global tax issues and obligations, and how these may impact tax-related decisions of families today (e.g., FATCA/CRS) and discusses the challenges of families with large global footprints and common trigger points that may have tax impact.


  • Structure investment and succession plans with a holistic view of the tax landscape
  • Highlight relevant tax developments in relation to Family Office and the Family
  • Analyse and contextualise these developments to the Family’s situation and highlight where there may be a possible impact
  • Make recommendations on possible tax implications referencing supporting information and sources


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