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Certified Private Banker (CPB) Level 3

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Programme Overview

High-performing individual contributors may not necessarily have the required competencies when they become people managers. Managers and team leaders play critical roles with responsibilities that include developing the team, managing change and driving the business successfully. This Level 3 programme develops competencies, such as engaging and influencing stakeholders, setting the right culture and team goals, developing a business plan as well as balancing between the needs of the organisation, client and team. 


Leading People is a two-day classroom module and supports the transition of a top performing individual contributor into an inspiring people manager. Topics include understanding yourself, developing the team and managing change.


Leading Business is also a two-day classroom module. It focuses on the management of a high-net-worth team as a business and the skills to engage and influence stakeholders.


Participants are encouraged to complete all modules in one intake, which translates to four days of classroom training. 

Leading People

Classroom hours: 16

Leading Business

Core FAA CPD: 2

Core SFA CPD: 2

Classroom Hours: 16

CPBL3 - Managing The High-Net-Worth Business

Team leaders are the compass and engine driving the direction and degree of success in teams. This module represents essential training for new and aspiring team leaders and covers HNW client management standards, how to drive business growth and sustainability, discusses ways to improve productivity, efficiency, motivation of team members, and the role of the Supervisor in managing common risks. The module can also serve as a refresher to reinforce best practice standards expected of more experienced team leaders.

Classroom Hours : 14.5

CPBL3 - Engaging And Influencing Stakeholders

To be effective, you must work with and through others. Influencing is no longer a mono-dimensional process (e.g. influencing your superior). An effective Team Leader is one who can influence others regardless of organisational power and formal authority. This module helps you make a seamless transition into a Team Leader role. 


You will gain:

  • a broad understanding of how new organisational models require the ability to engage multiple stakeholders
  • a strong foundation on how to adapt your leadership styles to the audience and situation

Classroom Hours : 1.5

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