Definitive Series

Covering Specific Needs & Defined Skills

At WMI, we apply a unique Core & Satellite approach to learning. Our academic and IBF-STS certification programmes forms our Core which aim to cover the full and wide range of skills and competencies.

Surrounding this Core are Satellite programmes which targets situational scenarios or specific skillsets which require special attention and focus. These programmes have been brought together under our new WMI Definitive Series.

The Definitive Series focuses mainly on IBF-FTS accredited programmes. They cover three key segments being private banking, priority banking and insurance across various roles, such as relationship managers, service advisors, product and investment specialists as well as financial and insurance advisors.

This Series has three broad categories:

Persons who are directly responsible for client relationships through the management of the client’s wealth, investments or insurance will benefit from these various programmes.

Programmes here focus on specific situations such as “A Structured Approach In Reviewing Distressed Client Portfolios” which covers through lectures, discussions and role plays using a 3-Step process i.e. Prepare-Conduct-Follow Up.

The “Integrating Insurance within Wealth Planning” programme focus on specific wealth solutions beyond investments, such as universal life. Other programmes such as “Positive Client Experience through Successful Negotiation Strategies” cover defined skills such as negotiation.

Product & Investment Specialists
The role of the specialist is critical to the success of advisors who manage client relationships.

The “Alternatives Primer” maps out how alternative investments are used in diversification within an investment portfolio. “Building Blocks for Asset Management – Public Markets” covers key investment principles and technical building blocks in asset management such as investment fund vehicles, key indicators of fund performance and how a fund is priced.

Aside from technical competencies, our “Investment & Wealth Specialists Enhancing Effectiveness” programme equips specialists with critical functional competencies such as successful stakeholder management, conducting effective joint calls and structuring effective client and morning briefs.

Service & Support Individuals
The servicing and management of client accounts requires knowledge of products, processes and risk as well as skills to manage client contact opportunities. These individuals play a vital role in assisting and supporting the advisor and the client.

The “Principles of Wealth Management” programme covers an overview of the wealth management industry, the regulatory framework, guidelines of on-boarding clients and knowledge related to various asset classes and portfolio management.

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