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The Dalio Market Principles (DMP) Online Program is a global initiative by Wealth Management Institute (WMI) to help investors understand the universal linkages driving markets and economies, and give them the investment skills to navigate the changes.


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Understand the economic and
market principles of
an investment legend
Learn with cutting-edge tools -
our Generative AI Tutor and
purpose-built Portfolio Simulator
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The DMP Online Program is a first-of-its-kind program is developed with Ray Dalio, Founder and CIO Mentor of Bridgewater Associates. Ray has been a global macro investor for over 50 years, and his investment innovations and thought leadership have made a lasting mark on the industry.


Our curriculum will challenge you to reconsider how markets and economies really work and to develop your own investment principles and approach.

Gain a Deep Understanding of the Timeless and Universal Linkages Driving Markets and Economies

In markets and economies, the same things happen over and over again because the same cause and effect linkages are at work. Understand how these linkages drive differential asset returns, economic and currency cycles, paradigm shifts, and even changing world orders. Learn how to best manage such forces and how to build portfolios to navigate and profit from such changes.


Dive into Real-World Case Studies and Harness Our Purpose-Built Portfolio Simulator

Live through major market events as an investor or policymaker, see how your expectations for the future and investment decisions measure up, and learn from your mistakes.


Use our purpose-built Portfolio Simulator to create and stress test portfolios, disaggregate your portfolio’s performance across different macro-environments, and explore market and economic data from 40 major economies over the last 120 years.

Personalised Learning with Our Generative AI Tutor

Meet your own personalised AI Tutor, ready to guide you through Ray Dalio’s economic and investment principles.


Fully integrated into the online Program, use the tutor to answer questions, generate quizzes, get feedback, search through a vast repository of Ray’s writings, and learn at your own pace.


Learn and Thrive with Peers from the Industry

Expand your network as you engage with fellow learners through cohort-based activities such as discussion forums and live online workshops, where you can glean multiple perspectives on investments and the financial markets from industry players from different backgrounds.

Join a World-Class Pathway to Becoming a Great Investor

This Program also lays a foundational pathway for those seeking excellence as a great investor, which will later include opportunities to apply for a Dalio Fellowship to be launched in the future.


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