Certificate in Fundamentals of Investments

Programme Overview

Ever considered a career as an asset or wealth management professional? If you’re an undergraduate or fresh graduate considering your career pathways, or a mid-career professional looking to pivot to asset management or wealth management, our Certificate in Fundamentals of Investments (CFI) is tailored for you to pick up fundamental knowledge about investments and asset management in a flexible and engaging way.

Our cohort-based, blended learning programme gives you an understanding of the asset management landscape, the impact of global macro cycles on investment performance, financial statements from an investor’s lens, and building an investment portfolio for the long-term. By the end of the programme, you will emerge with sufficient knowledge to give your asset management or wealth management career a head start.

More than fundamental knowledge in investments, you will also understand what really matters to your stakeholders, so you will appreciate what is happening in the markets and be able to articulate trending developments to your peers and clients.

Our faculty staff have years of real-world experience in asset management, investments and the banking sector. Get to know mentors, prospective employers and fellow peers in the industry.


CFI consists of 4 modules over 8 weeks. Each module comprises 5 hours of self-paced eLearning with infographics, videos, case studies, forum discussions, knowledge check activities, and a graded quiz. There will also be an optional 1 hour contact time with the instructor for you to get an opportunity to meet as a cohort, discuss key issues, and address queries about the topic.


The modules can be taken individually or together. Upon successful completion of all modules, you will be awarded a WMI Certificate in Fundamentals of Investments. You will also be invited to Markets Fair, which is a career networking session with asset management companies, banks and other financial institutions.

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Who Should Attend

  • Students and fresh graduates considering a career in investments and asset management
  • Mid-career professionals and cross-sector convertees planning to switch to investments and asset management
  • Anyone looking to upgrade their knowledge of financial and investment products

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Participants who successfully complete the programme will be awarded: 





All modules are pending accreditation to IBF-Standards Training Scheme and will be eligible for IBF funding upon approval.



Participants who successfully complete the programme will be awarded: 


WMI Certification


  • WMI Certificate of Achievement


This programme is accreditated by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF). When accredited, Singaporeans and Permanent Residents will be eligible for funding support of up to 70% course fee subsidy under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS).


Fees shown are after IBF-STS funding. Subsidised fees apply upon participants’ successful completion of the programme, which includes (i) fulfilling minimum attendance requirements and (ii) passing all relevant assessments.


Subsidies are subject to change by IBF and fees will be adjusted based on prevailing funding rates. Click here to read more about funding support for IBF-STS, and terms & conditions governing registration, payment, cancellation, deferment and no-show.


The information above is correct at the time of publication. Wealth Management Institute reserves the right to amend the fees and/or terms and conditions as appropriate.


Certificate in Fundamentals of Investments - 13 May - 31 Jul 2024. Register by 31 May
Certificate in Fundamentals of Investments - 5 Aug - 14 Oct 2024. Register by 31 Aug
Certificate in Fundamentals of Investments - 21 Oct - 27 Dec 2024. Register by 30 Nov



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