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Certificate in Introduction to ESG Advisory

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Programme Overview

The Certificate for Introduction to ESG Advisory is a one-day program that is a combination of the Certificate in ESG Landscape and Impact on Business and the Certificate in Sustainable Investment Management.


The course introduces the basic concepts of ESG. Sustainable investments are critical to addressing the energy transition, which has a multi-trillion-dollar capital requirement. UHNW clients and family offices are increasingly demanding that both financial performance and non-financial factors, such as ESG, be considered.


Learn from leading experts in the key areas of sustainability and ESG:

  • Breaking down types of ESG investment strategies
  • Challenges and risks associated with ESG that are facing the world and business (including greenwashing)
  • Conduct conversations about ESG challenges and identify the key solutions to overcoming them

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Programmes Offered

Certificate in ESG Landscape and Impact on Businesses


The course provides an introduction to key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concepts and provides an overview of the Sustainable Finance landscape, including key sustainability trends, opportunities, risks, standards, policies and practices. The course articulates the ways in which ESG considerations impact stakeholders, businesses, investors and clients.


  • Explain key sustainability trends and social/ environmental risks in the non-financial industries to stakeholders
  • Engage customers on their key sustainability-related dependencies, impacts, risks and opportunities in the non- financial industries


Certificate in Sustainable Investment Management


The course provides an overview of the different sustainable investment approaches and products in the construction of a sustainable investment portfolio and explains why both investors and wealth managers should care about ESG factors. The course will also highlight frameworks for assessing the financial impact of ESG factors.


  • Explain the different sustainable investment approaches and its application to the organisation’s portfolio strategies to customers
  • Identify the appropriate sustainable investment concepts that can be applied together, and which may be contradictory
  • Research and support the inclusion of sustainability factors in the portfolio construction process

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