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Certified Private Banker Level 2

Higher complexity case studies where solutions from multiple perspectives are discussed.

This Level 2 programme provides application of higher-level competencies to serve High Net Worth (HNW) clients. It enhances the future-readiness of participants by addressing the paradigm shifts arising from technology, conduct and total wealth advisory. The curriculum features case studies of higher complexity, where solutions from multiple perspectives are discussed.


The Level 2 curriculum builds on from Level 1 with emphasis on case studies that are current, relevant and applicable. Greater attention is given to investigate solutions from different perspectives. Topics range from the differences of psyche of 1st gen business owners and the digital native inheritors, including the complexities of intergenerational wealth transfer across multiple jurisdictions for high and ultra-high net worth clients in local and offshore markets.

You may select any single module or complete the programme in a schedule that best fits you. Modules are delivered through a blended learning pedagogy, building on interactive pre-class online learning for foundation concepts and knowledge, reserving classroom for skills application and topics that have higher complexity. Modules feature assessments to check for learning transfer covered in online and classroom sessions.

Participants are required to complete their online learning before class in order to take their MCQ assessment at the end of the class.

Modules Online Hours Classroom Hours Core / RRCE Hours

Client advisors work in an environment of increasing client expectations and client sophistication. Through effective client segmentation, management of the client book, and optimising resources, you will develop business plans, acquire more assets to manage and build sustainable long-term relationships. The module will also address how you can better use joint calls and manage difficult client conversations during volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous situations.

The wealth management industry is witnessing a fast growing group of business-owning HNW clients who are increasingly performance-focused when selecting a primary financial institution to manage their personal, family and corporate wealth. This module is designed for you to uncover meaningful cross banking opportunities based on the specific needs of HNW clients, and identifies products, services and specialists best positioned to address more complex cases. Topics include corporate finance from the client’s business perspective, client-centred corporate and investment banking products and services, as well as credit solutions for HNW clients.

This module adds on to future-ready skills and knowledge acquired in Level 1. It examines how digital technology can create meaningful engagement touchpoints and how data visualisation tools provide new business and HNW client insights. This module also helps you understand new risk paradigms in the digital workplace so as to minimise fraud and cybersecurity breaches, how artificial intelligence works and how to integrate Robo-Advisory into the investment advisory process so as to help you stay relevant and more effective.

Participants should possess these pre-requisites for Level 2 Digital Wealth Management:

  • Digital Culture and Mind-Set
  • Awareness of how digital development and disruption is impacting the financial and wealth management industry
  • Understand the importance of cybersecurity and best practices in digital safety
  • For an enhanced learning experience and outcomes, we strongly recommend participants to complete Level 1 Digital Wealth Management prior to attending Level 2.

This module builds on the content covered in Level 1 to promote ethical conduct in the workplace. It focuses on commonly faced ethical dilemmas in the wealth management industry through case studies. Partnering with Dr Mary Gentile from Darden University, a key component of this module is the innovative “Giving Voice to Values” (GVV) approach to values-driven development. The GVV curriculum will offer skills and tools for handling these dilemmas in the workplace in an authentic and results-oriented way.

Building on to the skills and knowledge covered in Level 1, this module will focus on managing investment portfolios that have higher complexity. In addition to gaining deeper insights into HNW clients through behavioural finance, this module covers collaboration with investment specialists to design more complex investment solutions based on HNW clients’ needs and the investment policy statement, explanation of investment recommendations and the related risks, managing, monitoring and reviewing of the portfolio, and identifying common investment strategies across cycles, crises and bubbles.

Building on the foundation skills and knowledge covered in Level 1 Market Specialisation, this module teaches application of deeper skills and knowledge in more complex case studies that include, but not limited to, business succession, building offshore assets, global wealth management, global insurance, philanthropy, tax, trust funds, inter-generational wealth preservation and transfers. There will also be broad coverage on how to manage a Greater China Client Advisor Team.

This module teaches the relevant aspects of regulation laws and HNW client behaviour that impact wealth management services in Indonesian markets. It teaches application of deeper skills and knowledge in more complex case studies that include, but not limited to, business succession, building offshore assets, global wealth management, insurance, philanthropy, tax, trust funds, inter- generational wealth preservation and transfers. There will also be broad coverage on how to building up the talent pool and managing Indonesia Client Advisor Team.

In an ever-interconnected world, access to financial information has become more widespread. As such, it is imperative to have a solid understanding of how different investment products behave in periods of market volatility and dislocation. Building on the knowledge covered in CACS Paper 2, this module addresses when and how to deploy various investment products effectively, useful strategies, and provides a framework across investment cycles.

Since the global financial crisis, the wealth management industry has seen unprecedented regulatory changes and challenges. To help you navigate this rapidly evolving regulatory environment, this module will cover regulations critical to the industry and addresses them clearly through the use of relevant case studies.

HNW clients have multiple residences, with family members and assets of all types spread across the globe. Level 2 builds from Level 1, and prepares you to partner specialists to meaningfully identify areas of need that even your HNW client may not have considered. Navigating through complex multi-jurisdictional scenarios, this module addresses tax, Common Reporting Standard (CRS), divorce, bankruptcy, family business succession planning and governance issues.

Certification & Funding

Participant who successfully completes this Certified Private Banker Level 2 programme will be awarded:


    WMI Certificate of Achievement

    CACS CPD hours (IBF-STS and Core FAA / SFA CPD)


    Participant who successfully completes this Certified Private Banker Level 2 programme can apply with IBF for the certification title “IBF Advanced (Level 2) in Private Banking & Wealth Management (Relationship & Sales Management)”. T&Cs apply.

    Eligible for waiver of CACS CPD hours in the current and following year upon attaining IBF Certification.

    Please visit for more information on the IBF Certification.

IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS) Funding

Every module is eligible for IBF-STS funding for direct training costs. T&Cs apply. Participants are advised to assess the suitability of the programme and its relevance to their business activities or job roles. Find out more on

Please visit for more information.


Modules Full Fees
Fees after 90% IBF-STS Courses Fee Subsidy
(Available till 31 Dec 2021)
(For Singaporeans / PR) (S$)
Company-Sponsored Self-Sponsored
CPBL2 – Client Relationship Management​ 2,648.25 420.75 264.83
CPBL2 – Corporate Finance & Credit 1,498.00 238.00 149.80
CPBL2 – Digital Wealth Management 1,364.25 216.75 136.43
CPBL2 – Ethical Conduct (Online) 321.00 51.00 32.10
CPBL2 – Investment Advisory 2,086.50 331.50 208.65
CPBL2 – Market Specialisation (China) 1,498.00 238.00 149.80
CPBL2 – Market Specialisation (Indonesia) 1,498.00 238.00 149.80
CPBL2 – Product Strategies 882.75 140.25 88.28
CPBL2 – Rules & Regulations​ 321.00 51.00 32.10
CPBL2 – Wealth Planning 2,086.50 331.50 208.65


For CPBL2 – Client Relationship Management module, a re-assessment fee of S$535 will be charged if participant is unable to achieve the pass mark in the Role Play Assessment. The information above is correct at the time of publication. The Wealth Management Institute reserves the right to amend the fees and/or terms and conditions as appropriate.​

Who Should Apply

The Level 2 programme is designed for professionals with 3 years or more of experience in Private Banking (or serving the HNW client segment).

1. Client Advisors, Relationship Managers, Assistant Relationship Managers and all other Covered Persons
2. Private Client Relationship Managers, Senior Priority Relationship Managers in Consumer or Retail Banking
3. Insurance Advisors, Financial Consultants and Independent Financial Advisors
4. Product and Investment Specialists

Mid-career switch professionals should first complete the CACS Examinations and start with the Level 1 programme before embarking on Level 2.

Programme Calendar

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our Open run programmes will be conducted virtually. We will re-assess this as we monitor the situation and participants’ preferences.

Modules 2021 Intake 2 Role Play Assessment Re-assessment
CPBL2 – Client Relationship Management 26 & 27 Jul 30 Jul 30 Jul
CPBL2 – Corporate Finance & Credit
CPBL2 – Digital Wealth Management 13 Oct 22 Oct
CPBL2 – Ethical Conduct (Online) Online Access:
1 Oct – 30 Nov
CPBL2 – Investment Advisory 16 & 17 Aug
CPBL2 – Market Specialisation (China) 30 Sep 8 Oct
CPBL2 – Market Specialisation (Indonesia) TBA TBA
CPBL2 – Product Strategies 26 Oct 5 Nov
CPBL2 – Rules & Regulations Online Access:
1 Oct – 31 Dec
CPBL2 – Wealth Planning 15 & 16 Sep
(Day 2: 9am – 12pm)
24 Sep
Modules 2021 Intake 3 Role Play Assessment Re-assessment
CPBL2 – Digital Wealth Management 3 Aug 11 Aug


  • All dates indicated are FULL DAY training i.e. 9am to 6pm, unless stated otherwise.
  • Re-assessment will only be applicable when a learner is unable to achieve a pass mark in their assessment on the first attempt.
  • For Client Relationship Management (CPB Level 2), a re-assessment fee of S$535 will be charged if participant is unable to achieve a pass mark in the Role Play Assessment.

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