Priority Banking
Priority & Retail Banking Certified Adviser (PRCA) Level 3

Adopting a business owner mind-set for affluent and high net worth client management

The Priority & Retail Banking Certified Adviser (PRCA) Level 3 represents the highest level of competencies and proficiencies under the IBF Skills Framework for Retail Banking (Sales & Relationship Management).

Learn how to navigate successfully in a high-performance environment through applied skills related to client management, investment and business planning, stakeholder management, risk assessment, environment analysis and ethical oversight.

Individuals in a senior client advisory role will be upskilled with the knowledge and motivation to adopt a business owner mindset when managing affluent and high net worth clients. This entrepreneurial approach will drive them to take greater ownership in their role and responsibilities, leading to a higher level of sustainable success.

Each of the three modules under PRCA Level 3 is individually accredited to provide the flexibility of completing them separately based on the individual’s preferred schedule and learning pace.

Individuals may commence on this programme without prior completion of PRCA Level 2. Those who have previously completed Level 2 will be eligible for exemption from modules M3 and M4 under PRCA Level 3.

For individuals who complete PRCA Level 3 and wish to later be certified under Private Banking, they will be eligible for exemption from selected modules of WMI Certified Private Banker Level 1 programme.

This portability and recognition translate to a significant savings of cost and time and supports a lifelong learning journey of upskilling one’s competencies.


Participants are not required to complete all three modules and may choose to complete modules which meet their learning needs as well as fulfil their required CPD hours.

For those who wish to achieve IBF Level 3 certification, a possible learning pathway would be one taken over 2 years.

Please contact our programme manager to find out how many modules you need to take in order to get Priority & Retail Banking Certified Adviser (PRCA) Level 3 accreditation.


Modules Classroom Hours Core / RRCE Hours

This session covers the benefits and process of a financial advisory approach and how this can be applied to identify clients’ needs based on different profiles and life stages. The session will adopt a framework which covers the core focus of most clients and how this can be leveraged to start client conversations and arrive at a plan which considers investments, insurance, assets & liabilities and sources of current and future income.

The individual will gain insights on key considerations on how to identify the features and benefits of each recommendation with the needs of the client.

This session covers the skills necessary to formulate and apply plans for existing clients with the aim of deepening relationships through a wider understanding of the client’s needs, uncovering opportunities through account review and leveraging on specialists and internal stakeholders. The individual will learn how to apply a framework to better understand the client’s met and unmet needs and wants. Client account optimisation, negotiation skills and retention strategies will also be shared.

The session will enable individuals to gain new skills and insights to achieve a collaborative and meaningful client relationship.

This session aims to motivate and upskill individuals to develop a business owner mindset and an entrepreneurial drive in their client advisory role.

Critical skills such as developing and setting a business plan, effective management of internal or external stakeholders as well as understanding the risk, regulations and ethics governing client engagement and recommendations will be imparted at this session.

By seeing their role, their portfolio and client relationships through the lens of a business owner, the individual will develop a longer term perspective which will lead to growth and sustainability.


Certification & Funding

Upon successful completion of each module and assessment, participants will be awarded:


    • WMI Certificate of Achievement for Priority & Retail Banking Certified Adviser Level 3
    • CPD hours (IBF-STS and Core FAA/SFA CPD)

    Eligible for the IBF Advanced (Level 3) Certification in Retail Banking (Sales and Relationship Management)

Participants who successfully complete the Level 3 programme with more than 8 years combined experience in priority and personal retail/consumer banking and possessing all relevant CMFAS qualification required by IBF:
• Can apply with IBF for certification title “IBF Advanced (Level 3) Certification in Retail Banking (Sales and Relationship Management)”

Every module is eligible for IBF-STS funding for direct training costs. T&Cs apply. You are advised to assess the suitability of the programme and its relevance to their business activities or job roles. Find out more on


IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS) Funding

This programme is eligible for funding under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), subject to participants meeting all eligibility criteria.

Find out more on


Modules Full Fees with GST (S$) Fees after subsidies inc. of GST (Applicable till 30 Jun 2022) (S$)
Fees after 80% IBF-STS course fee subsidy (Singaporean age below 40 / PR) Fees after 90% IBF-STS course fee subsidy (Singaporean age above 40)
Wealth Advisory (Investment and Investment Planning) 1,765.50 Company Sponsored: 445.50

Self-Sponsored: 353.10

Company Sponsored: 280.50

Self-Sponsored: 176.55

Client Advisory (Relationship Management) 1,765.50 Company Sponsored: 445.50

Self-Sponsored: 353.10

Company Sponsored: 280.50

Self-Sponsored: 176.55

Growing Your Business 3,959.00 Company Sponsored: 999.00

Self-Sponsored: 791.80

Company Sponsored: 629.00

Self-Sponsored: 395.90


The information above is correct at the time of publication. The Wealth Management Institute reserves the right to amend the fees and/or terms and conditions as appropriate.​

Who will Benefit

This programme is designed for professionals with more than 8 years of combined experience across priority and personal retail/consumer banking.

While the focus remains on individual competencies, persons who manage a team or branch will also stand to benefit from this high impact programme.

This programme will benefit professionals in these various roles:
1. Senior Relationship Manager and Senior Assistant Relationship Manager in priority banking or private client
2. Branch Managers, Assistant Branch Managers or Team Managers in retail and consumer banking
3. Senior financial and insurance advisors managing affluent to high net worth clients

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