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Programme Overview

The Certificate in Principles of Investing for the Family (CPIF)​ is the 3rd of the five distinct courses for our signature programme – “Certified Family Office Practitioner”, which is devised to provide the skill set for those who are aspiring practitioners for the Family Office, and to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Family office perspectives, internal dynamics and structural setup.


The programme is structured as five distinct courses, each ranging between one to one-and-a-half days, covering a range of essential topics that form the core of a successful Family Office practitioner’s skill set. Upon the completion of all five courses, participants will be awarded the full certificate from IBF. This stackable approach allows participants to complete the programme at their own pace, giving them the flexibility to balance their learning with their other professional commitments.

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The Certificate in Principles of Investing for the Family (CPIF)​ provides participants with an understanding of the fiduciary duty of the family office executive in managing assets across generations. Participants will examine the family’s needs in deciding investment principles, emphasising the longevity and preservation of capital across generations.


Understanding the Objectives of the Family

  • Looking at investments through the lens of the family and understanding the family’s investment objectives
  • Understand what the factors, both internal and external are, that may impact the family’s objectives


Investing for Multi-Generations​

  • Understand the investment time horizon for the family and preservation of capital across generations​
  • The concept of diversification and asset allocation


Total: 8 CPD hours (1 day)


Learning Outcomes

  • Engage the family and key stakeholders to establish their key priorities in investments
  • Articulate the family’s investment objectives and time horizon
  • Develop and present relevant strategies and solutions for the family’s consideration
  • Explain how these solutions are aligned with the family’s objectives and time horizon

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