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Certificate in Family Office Operations

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Programme Overview

The Certificate in Family Office Operations is the 4th of the five distinct modules for our signature programme – “Certified Family Office Practitioner”, which is devised to provide the skill set for those who are aspiring practitioners for the Family Office, and to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Family office perspectives, internal dynamics and structural setup.


The programme is structured as five distinct modules, each ranging between one to one-and-a-half days, covering a range of essential topics that form the core of a successful Family Office practitioner’s skill set. Upon the completion of all five modules, participants will be awarded the full certificate from IBF. This stackable approach allows participants to complete the programme at their own pace, giving them the flexibility to balance their learning with their other professional commitments.

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The Certificate in Family Office Operations provides an overview of the key considerations surrounding the family office set-up, infrastructure and operations.


Participants will also learn about key risk considerations such as cybersecurity, family/principal reputation, operating risks (including manpower), etc and also understand the regulatory and financial reporting obligations of the family office. Participants will also learn how to identify stakeholders and how to engage and manage them.


Total: 10 CPD hours (1.5 days)
FAA CPD: 4 hours
SFA CPD: 4 hours


Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the family office setup and the rationale for the composition
  • Identify key risks associated with Family Offices and solutions to them
  • Weigh the pros and cons of insource vs outsource, buy vs build
  • Recommend optimum human capital requirement for the Family Office
  • Articulate and facilitate reporting obligations of the Family Office


Topics Covered

Risks faced by Family Office e.g., cybersecurity, principal reputation, etc.,   
Required reporting to stakeholders, managing the principal(s), typical manpower/org structure, etc.   
Key considerations for Family Office infrastructure and operations  
Insource vs outsource and buy vs build 
Source of information (relevance, frequency), reporting and analytics  
Manpower considerations 
Regulatory and legal reporting obligations of the Family Office  

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