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Certificate for Family Office Advisors – Foundation

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Programme Overview

Drawing on real-world case studies, the foundation level facilitates the overall understanding of the types of family offices, their different functions, the legal and fiscal context in which they operate, as well as means and tools that can help protect wealth for the long term. A significant part of the learning will seek to understand the human context of wealth owners: individuals, entrepreneurs and families. This is the first of a 2 part course and is required prior to taking the Certificate for Family Office Advisors-Advanced programme.


The programme is tailored to industry practitioners who wish to have practical and in-depth understanding of family offices, globally and in the context of the Asian family landscape. Participants will emerge with core knowledge, capabilities, tools and insights to support their clients in managing and elevating multi or single family offices operations. 


Total: 20 CPD hours
FAA CPD: 5 hours
SFA CPD: 5 hours

Mapping the Family Office World
The Singapore Landscape
Looking through the Lens of the Family
Structuring the Family Office
Preparing the Next Generation
Planning for the Long Term

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