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Certificate for Family Office Advisors – Advanced

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Programme Overview

Taking participants beyond the Whats and Hows of Family Offices, the advanced level delves deeper by first shedding light on the heart of today’s UHNW families. The programme explores the psychology and motivations of today’s affluent dynasties, uncovering an array of opportunities available, including the fast-emerging area of impact investing — for clients who wish to reflect their values for society and the environment in their wealth decisions. 


This is the second part of a two-part course. Completion of the Certificate for Family Advisors – Foundation programme is required prior to taking the Certificate for Family Office Advisors – Advanced programme.

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Participants will gain a comprehensive and actionable framework with tools that can be put into practice in analysing their client’s operating context, and recommending sustainable and responsible strategies to meet their financial and philanthropic ambitions. 


Total: 23.5 CPD hours

SILE CPD (for lawyers): 3.5 hours

A Deeper Look at Family Offices
Wealth, Family and Psychology
Responsible Wealth
Caring Wealth
Investing for the Family – Portfolio Management
A Deeper Look at Direct Private Equity Investments
Managing Risk for the Family

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