Advanced Diploma in Regulatory Compliance and Compliance Analytics

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Programme Overview

Overview of Advanced Diploma in Regulatory Compliance and Compliance Analytics (IBF Level 2 STS Accredited) 


In light of the changing business and regulatory landscape, the increasing rate and pace of change, and consequent regulatory scrutiny and enforcement actions impacting corporate and personal reputations and wallets, knowledgeable, skilled and practical regulatory compliance professionals are required and in demand to help businesses and their institutions navigate and conduct operations. This programme equips you with a solid grasp of the fundamentals of compliance culture and risk, compliance strategy and planning, regulatory technologies and project planning skills. You may elect a specialist product area selecting among consumer banking, private banking, asset management or wholesale banking, depending on the particular area you are practicing or wish to gain mastery in. 


You will have direct exposure to seasoned compliance industry specialists and leaders who are expert in the particular area. All sessions are interactive including teaching, case studies, group break outs and discussions and assessments are similarly designed to ensure skills learnt are thoroughly understood and grasped in practice and can be applied to work life circumstances. Successful completion of the programme qualifies you for an Advanced Certificate in Regulatory Compliance as well as eligibility to apply to IBF for the Regulatory Compliance Level 2 Certification*, recognizing your achievement


*subject to T&Cs


Principal Programme Director

Ms Sharon Craggs

Senior Teaching Fellow and Director,

Programme Development (Compliance)


The Advanced Diploma comprises 7 standalone modules, of which 5 modules are compulsory, and the 2 remaining modules must be selected from the following 4 regulatory compliance segments:


  • Retail Banking and Fintech Regulation
  • Private Client Compliance Lifecycle and External Asset Managers
  • Wholesale Banking and Capital Markets Regulation
  • Compliance in Asset Management and Financial Advisory Services


This programme is conducted on a part-time basis and you may select any module or complete the programme in a schedule that best fits you. Modules are delivered through a blended learning pedagogy, building on interactive pre-class online learning for foundation concepts and knowledge, reserving classroom for skills application and topics that have higher complexity. Modules feature assessments to check for learning transfer covered in online and classroom sessions.


Participants who wish to attend individual modules can select the modules by registering here. Please note that individual modules can only be selected before the respective module’s date of commencement. You will receive a confirmation of acceptance if seats are available for the particular module.

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