Advanced Diploma in Asset Management

Programme Overview

The Advanced Diploma in Asset Management (ADAM) is a structured and comprehensive training programme which equips new entrants and existing professionals with skills and topics relevant to the asset management, private equity and venture capital sectors. Taken together, the 9 modules provide a strong foundation for new / emerging talent and cross-sector convertees, as well as upskilling of existing talent in these sectors and are intended to lead to an Advanced Diploma certificate. Designed to align with industry standards, the ADAM is built on 4 key pillars:


    1. Foundation Skills e.g. financial markets fundamentals, asset allocation;
    2. Critical Applied Skills e.g. critical thinking, and presentation skills;
    3. Technical Skills e.g. programming for finance, alternative asset classes; and
    4. Investment Management for Tomorrow e.g. Data Tools and Platforms, ESG


Two modes of study: Standalone and/or Stackable


Each module covers different topics and subject matters. They can be taken individually or together, to cater to the varying focus and interests of each firm, talent and professional. A participant who passes all nine modules will be awarded the Advanced Diploma in Asset Management certification.


The Programme is designed to be modular and work-friendly. Classes are conducted about 2-5 days per month, allowing participants to harness the best of learning from both classroom and on-the-job immersion. Each module is individually accredited under IBF-STS.


This is our faculty who has been convened to impart their expertise and experience to you. Click here to view the list.

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Who Should Attend

  • Fresh graduates or young professionals with less than 3 years of experience in asset management, private equity wealth management or venture capital sectors
  • Existing professionals in the asset management, private equity and venture capital sectors
  • Cross-sector convertees or mid-career professionals taking on a new or enhanced role in asset management, private equity or venture capital sectors


Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

TOEFL score: > 100 or IBT ELTS score: > 6.5, if English was not the medium of instruction used at the undergraduate level

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Participants who successfully complete the programme will be awarded: 





All modules have been individually accredited to the IBF Standards Training Scheme and are eligible for IBF funding and CPD hours.



WMI Certification


  • WMI Certificate of Achievement
  • CPD hours (IBF-STS and Core FAA / SFA CPD)


Advanced Diploma


  • Upon meeting all Graduation Criteria listed below, participants will be awarded “Advanced Diploma in Asset Management” issued by Wealth Management Institute International Pte Ltd.


IBF Certification


In addition to Course Fees, each participant will also be charged a non-refundable and non-claimable application fee of S$85 (including GST).


Fees shown are after IBF-STS funding. Subsidised* fees apply upon participants’ successful completion of the programme, which includes (i) fulfilling minimum attendance requirements and (ii) passing all relevant assessments.


*Subsidies are subject to change by IBF and fees will be adjusted based on prevailing funding rates. Click here to read more about funding support for IBF-STS, and the terms & conditions governing registration, payment, cancellation, deferment and no-show.


The information above is correct at the time of publication. Wealth Management Institute reserves the right to amend the fees and/or terms and conditions as appropriate.


Dates published may be subject to change.

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