Dalio Market Principles Program

Certificate in Investment Principles

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Programme Overview

When building portfolios, investors need to understand the fundamental drivers of investment performance to build a robust and resilient portfolio for today’s conditions. 


In this programme, you will learn about the investment principles underpinning the approach pioneered by Ray Dalio and Bridgewater Associates —the All Weather portfolio. Understand what drives the performance of assets and investment strategies and how to design effective beta and alpha portfolios. Explore in detail the mechanics of return, risk, and diversification, and apply the principles by engineering portfolios and stress-testing performance across a wide range of economic and market environments. 


You will also have the opportunity to directly put your learning into practice by building custom portfolios using practical tools based on Bridgewater’s renowned Risk Budget Tool (RBT), and stress tests your portfolio through a wide range of historical bubbles and crises.

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Programme Curriculum

Mechanics for Building Portfolios: Total Return = Risk Neutral Position + Beta + Alpha
Building the Best Portfolio of Betas
Building the Best Portfolio of Alphas
Engineering Portfolios and Stress-Testing
Building a Portfolio for Today’s Conditions

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