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Certificate in Economic Principles

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Programme Overview

Today, we face a turbulent global economic environment with major shifts happening in markets, geopolitics, technology, climate and economics. Investors and asset managers will need to separate out the noise and understand the fundamental driving forces behind the economy and why economic cycles occur, in order to navigate a changing world order. 


In this programme, you will build an understanding of how the Economic Machine works, including short-term and long-term cycles and the important forces driving economic performance. Steeped in the lessons from history, we examine why the times ahead will likely be radically different from those we’ve experienced in our lifetimes — but similar to those that have happened many times before.


Emerge with a new viewpoint and develop your own principles for understanding the direction of global markets.

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Programme Curriculum

How the Economic Machine Works
Economic Cycles
Balance of Payments
Productivity and the Changing World Order
Applying the Economic Template to Today’s Conditions

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