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Programme Overview

The Dalio Market Principles Program is a landmark initiative by WMI, supported by Dalio Philanthropies. The Program aims to teach universal principles of market behaviour to both private and public sector leaders and investors.


The DMP Program will be an open platform that brings together distinguished investors from all around the world to share their investment principles and approaches. In this way, the Program will advance knowledge, build capabilities and galvanise thought leadership to contribute towards a thriving asset and wealth management ecosystem in Asia.


The first two courses will be the Certificate in Economic Principles and the Certificate in Investment Principles. These courses draw on the pioneering research and insights of Bridgewater Associates and Ray Dalio, the Founder, CIO Mentor and Member of the Board of Bridgewater Associates. Under Ray’s leadership, Bridgewater grew into the world’s largest hedge fund and the fifth most important private company in the US according to Fortune Magazine. Ray has been called the “Steve Jobs of Investing” by Chief Investment Officer Magazine and was named one of the 100 Most Influential People by Time Magazine. He is the author of The New York Times #1 Bestseller Principles: Life and Work, Principles for Navigating Big Debt Crises, and The Changing World Order.


In addition to Course Fees, each participant will also be charged a non-refundable and non-claimable application fee of S$85 (including GST).


This programme is pending accreditation by The Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) under the IBF Standards Training Scheme* (STS). Singaporeans and Permanent Residents are eligible for enhanced funding support under the revised IBF funding quantum from 1 January 2023.


The table below reflects the full fees for the entire duration of the Dalio Market Principles program, which includes both a Certificate in Economic Principles and a Certificate in Investment Principles. It is possible to attend each module separately, though priority for the programme will be given to participants who sign up for both modules. You may view the separate pricing of both modules through our website. 

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