Philanthropic Changemakers in Asia

Philanthropy Guide - Issue 04

This Guide coincides with the launch of the Asia Centre for Changemakers and is part of the Impact Philanthropy Partnership (IPP), a joint initiative with the Private Banking Industry Group, supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


This issue’s focus is on profiling philanthropic changemakers in Asia – entrepreneurial individuals or groups who take action to create positive change in society. Changemakers identify issues, develop innovative solutions, and mobilise resources to address society’s biggest challenges to make a difference.


Firstly, this guide explores the key themes of changemaking within the philanthropic space, offering readers perspectives on the theory of change and the evolution of impactful changemaking. This is followed by a series of interviews outlining the different personas of changemakers within the philanthropic ecosystem, such as Family Principals, Advisors, and community changemakers.


Collectively, these perspectives serve as an introduction to the diverse world of changemakers here in Asia. We hope that this guide will be insightful for readers who are embarking on their philanthropic changemaking journey and are seeking inspiration on what concrete actions they can directly take.

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