Design Your Giving To Maximise Your Impact: A Focus On Donor-Advised Funds

Philanthropy Guide - Issue 1

Today, over a trillion dollars of private philanthropic capital − more than triple the annual global development and humanitarian aid budgets combined − is deployed every year. With wealth in Asia growing rapidly, Asian philanthropists are increasingly becoming significant players in the philanthropic scene. As they organise their family and business structures under family offices, the deployment of philanthropic and social capital has become a primary mandate. Family Principals, in particular the next generation, are looking for new and innovative ways to make a meaningful difference. They seek to give more strategically, increase their impact, collaborate with other philanthropists, and make philanthropy an integral part of their overall wealth planning and asset allocation and distribution.


Against this backdrop, philanthropists are considering different philanthropic vehicles and charitable giving tools to help them plan, structure, and implement their giving strategies. One such tool, the Donor-Advised Fund (DAF), has seen a significant surge in adoption globally and is growing in popularity in Singapore. This Guide introduces the Donor-Advised Fund and the different philanthropic vehicles and tools available in Singapore.

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