Family Offices and Climate Transition: Insights and Implementations

WMI Impact: The Family Office Journal - Issue 04

Welcome to ‘WMI Impact: The Family Office Journal’, Issue 4.


As the world gears up to meet the challenges of climate change, climate transition plans become an essential blueprint in ensuring our collective efforts pay off in the long term.


Family Offices (FOs) can be both pioneers and stewards of making the climate transition viable in their businesses, investments, and giving. Transition plans can also be useful tools for family offices who want to make a positive social impact, harmonise with their legacy aspirations and translate ambitions into action.


In this issue of ‘WMI Impact: The Family Office Journal, we explore what climate transition plans are, the different ways in which wealth owners explore them, and how FOs can kickstart their very own journeys to accelerate global commitments to net zero.

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