Family Philanthropy:
Evolving Concepts and Contexts

WMI Impact: The Family Office Journal - Issue 03

Welcome to ‘WMI Impact: The Family Office Journal’, Issue 3.


Modern global philanthropy holds immense promise in the 21st century. To continue to contribute to the contemporary global economy in a more impactful way, SFO principals and business families must carefully rethink their approaches to family philanthropy.


It becomes necessary to embrace several modern and continuously evolving concepts and contexts in philanthropy, which are discussed in this issue of ‘WMI Impact: The Family Office Journal‘:


  • Socioemotional Wealth (SEW) in family philanthropy
  • Holistic approach to family philanthropy in the context of the Complex Family Wealth System (CFWS)
  • Strategic, modern philanthropy
  • Leading-edge trends in family philanthropy

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