The Global-Asia Family Office Circle (GFO Circle) is a network platform that aims to be the leading voice and umbrella association for family offices in Singapore and Asia. It responds to a real and growing need for community building, collaboration and learning in the family office sector. By bringing together a community of family office principals, professionals and service partners, the GFO Circle will be a trusted environment for networking and knowledge sharing. 


The GFO Circle will offer unparalleled access to cutting-edge insights from a wide range of sectors. Members will have access to curated networking events, world-class education programmes, research and thought leadership, as well as peer learning and cross-sector collaboration opportunities.


The GFO Circle leverages on the deep expertise in wealth and asset management education within the Wealth Management Institute (WMI), as well as the partnership with the family office community across family principals, family office professionals and family advisors across the banking, asset management, MFO, trust services, legal, tax, accounting and IFA sectors. The GFO Circle is also supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Who are we?

The Global-Asia Family Office Circle (GFO Circle) is a network platform for the family office community in Singapore and Asia. The GFO Circle is dedicated to meeting the emerging needs in the family office sector through the fostering of trusted environment that is built on peer learning, collaboration and competency building.


This platform will be used to build capabilities and community in the family office sector, to help create a sustainable, long-term ecosystem for all. 


To find out more about membership for the GFO Family Principals and Professionals Circle, and GFO Partners Circle, downloads the factsheets below:

Join us and be a part of our GFO Circle community.

Build community, learn from thought leaders and peers, share ideas and be involved in shaping the family office ecosystem.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

To be the leading voice and umbrella association for Family Offices in Singapore and Asia

Our Mission:

Code of Conduct


GFO Circle is committed to creating a safe and open environment where Members can exchange ideas and collaborate in a space that is free from solicitation in any form.


Experiences and insights are to be shared in strict confidentiality.


Active participation by members is pivotal in establishing a collaborative ecosystem that provides value to the family office community.

Respect, Professionalism & Integrity

GFO Members are expected to conduct themselves with respect, professionalism and integrity during all webinars/events, sharing sessions and discussions.

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