CPE Disclosure

CPE Disclosure Requirements

Private Education Act

The Private Education Act was legislated in December 2009 to strengthen the existing registration framework and enforcement provisions of Private Education Institutions (PEIs). The Committee for Private Education (CPE) is a statutory board established under the Private Education Act with legislative powers to regulate the private education sector more effectively and uplift the quality of private education in Singapore. Under the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF), all Private Education Institutions (PEIs) must be registered with the CPE before they are allowed to commence operations.

WMI International Pte Ltd is a registered PEI offering CPE-permitted courses including Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Graduate Diploma programmes.

S/N Requirements Information
1 The registration number and validity period of the PEI

CPE Registration No. 202025818D

ERF Validity Period: 17 September 2020 to 16 September 2024


The name of the PEI, the names of all its schools (or departments or faculties thereof), and its ‘brand name’

CPE Registered Name: Wealth Management Institute International

Brand Name: WMI International

3 The address or addresses of the registered premises of the PEI

Wealth Management Institute International Pte Ltd
No. 1 Marina Boulevard, #16-01, One Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018989


Contact Us


Accurate visual representations of the registered premises of the PEI, including at least one (1) photograph or video recording of the registered premises


The number of classrooms in the registered premises of the PEI, and the floor area and capacity of each classroom


The facilities and equipment provided by the PEI to support the learning experience of the students


All training rooms are wifi-enabled, equipped with modern audio-visual facilities: 

  • Training Room 1: 127m2, 84 pax
  • Training Room 2: 122m2, 81 pax
  • Training Room 1+2: 249m2, 166 pax
  • Training Room 3: 62m2, 41 pax
  • Training Room 4: 44m2, 29 pax


Training Room 3+4: 127m2, 70 pax


The name of every manager of the PEI

The name of every member of the Academic Board and Examination Board of the PEI

Academic Board And Examination Board (AEB)

Foo Mee Har, Chief Executive Officer
Dr Peter Looker, Member

Dr Neo Boon Siong, Member


PEI Managers

Deanna Ong

Foo Mee Har

Issac Lin

Jason Wong

Neo Boon Siong 

Sung Cheng Chih

9 The organisation structure of the PEI and the names of the key personnel in charge of each school, department or faculty, and every other section of the PEI

Organisational Chart

Governance Structure
PEI Managers + AEB + Expert Panel + Faculty

Functional Structure
Programmes & Strategic Development + Client Solutions (Wealth Management) + Asset Management & Compliance, Governance & Risk Management + Asia Centre for Changemakers + Strategy & Marketing + Governance & HR + Learning & Technology + Finance


The names of all courses permitted by the CPE, and the names of the modules or subjects of these courses

Advanced Diploma in Wealth Management

Graduate Diploma in Compliance in Financial Services

Advanced Diploma in Asset Management

Advanced Diploma in Finance and Markets

Advanced Diploma in Financial Crime Compliance and Compliance Analytics

Advanced Diploma in Regulatory Compliance and Compliance Analytics


Modules : Refer to respective programme page


The name of every teacher deployed, the course or module or subject each teacher is deployed to teach, and whether the teacher teaches the course, module or subject on a full-time or part-time basis

The relevant qualification(s) of every teacher referred to in (11), including the conferring institution(s)

Refer to respective programme page

The average teacher-student ratio for every course

Teacher-Student Ratio up to 1:40
14 For each course, the fees payable by students Refer to respective programme page