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Covering Specific Needs & Defined Skills

  • Accredited:IBF-FTS

Advisors form the frontline cornerstone in managing and sustaining long term client relationships. To succeed, they require a combination of broad skillsets as well as more specific competencies to handle a wide range of client situations.

These broad skillsets are well captured under our Core IBF-STS certification programmes. More defined competencies for specific skills or situations will be covered by our satellite IBF-FTS programmes for advisors.

More programmes are being developed and will be made available over the course of this year.


Titles CPD Hours

In the normal day-to-day course of managing high net worth clients, the advisor will often be faced with challenging client situations when a client’s portfolio is underperforming or negatively impacted by sudden market changes. Or when the advisor’s client passes the account and relationship to their children who may have a different preference, investment style or values.

Such situations may require additional preparation or a adjusted client approach or perhaps the need to leverage on specialist support conduct an effective joint call.

WMI faculty for this leading programme will be supported by a professional stage company of actors who will share with participants why every client encounter is similar to a stage performance. These subject matter experts from two different fields and disciplines will come together to deliver a unique learning experience for all participants.

A series of specially developed case studies will be used to “stage” different client scenarios to enable participants to “rehearse”, practice and refine their skills in a safe environment.

This practice-led high engagement session, done in a smaller class setting, will allow participants to benefit from the structured client processes taught and the role plays and coaching done by WMI’s faculty and professional co-facilitators.

This one day IBF-FTS workshop is specially designed for participants who have completed the WMI’s Certified Private Banker(CPB) Level 1 CRM module and pass their final role play assessment which was recorded on video. This workshop allows them to review their personal video before the workshop. After which, participants will be facilitated and coached on specific areas which could be improved.

The trainer will be supported by one or two additional facilitators who will aid participants in practicing and refining the various client engagement techniques. The workshop will conclude with participants doing the same CPB Level 1 CRM final role play and seeing 1st hand how they have adapted and improved this 2nd time round.

The workshop will focus on communicative enhancement techniques such as purposeful questioning to gather key client data, ability to adjust your style or approach based on different scenarios and being able to adapt your personal “brand” and your bank’s unique value proposition for different clients.  Participants will also learn on the need to constantly sense and seek alignment or re-alignment of their approach with existing or new clients, learning to listen, articulate and set a plan to support the client’s needs and obtain their agreement to move forward.

This practice-led workshop, through intensive role-plays and feedback sessions, will cover the following key areas

  • Building rapport & encouraging the client to speak
  • Demonstrate probing skills, good structure, and conversational nature of the discussion
  • Apply the consultative advisory approach to explore relevant client’s needs
  • Demonstrate negotiation skills when seeking a suitable solution for a client
  • Demonstrate ability to manage client objections

Persons in a client facing advisory role managing high net worth clients will benefit significantly from this one day workshop.

The growth of high net worth (HNW) and ultra-high net worth (UHNW) clients has seen a rapid demand for wealth planning which in turn has propelled insurance to form part of any comprehensive approach to wealth structuring in areas such as asset liquidity provision, family wealth protection, distribution and legacy planning, business continuity planning and tax optimisation.

This two day IBF-FTS high engagement session will benefit advisors and specialists in banks and insurance organisations seeking to upskill their competencies and complement their experience by adopting a wealth planning approach to insurance.

The trainer will share and demonstrate how insurance can be approached less as a product and more as a critical component of a client’s overall wealth management needs.

Participants will be encourage to take their perspective from the lens of the client rather than themselves so as to develop a better appreciation of HNW and UHNW client concerns and needs.

The programme will adopt a practice-led approach through the use of case studies and role plays to enable participants to learn and apply what has been shared by the trainer as well as their peers. Key outline of the programme is as follows:

  • Identify the wealth planning needs of the HNW and UHNW client
  • Know how insurance solutions can address the client’s needs
  • What to prepare ahead of the client meeting
  • Know when and how to work with an introducer or specialist
  • Build rapport, uncover needs during the meeting and match them with suggested solutions
  • How to secure the client’s agreement

Knowledge and client management skills related to key products, such as ULI and ILP, will be shared. The session will also cover various approaches to initiate the right conversation with the client, how to sustain this and lead this to success.


This programme has been accredited under the Skills Framework for Financial Services and is eligible for funding under the FTS, subject to all eligibility criteria being met. Find out more on


Topics Full Fees
with GST (S$)
Fees after 90% IBF-FTS Courses Fee Subsidy*
+ 5% IBF Credit (Available till 30 June 2021)
(For Company-Sponsored Singaporeans / PR) (S$)
Managing a Difficult or Distressed Client Portfolio Review 2,086.50 234.00
Client Relationship Management (CRM) in Practice 2,086.50 234.00
Integrating Insurance, Investment &
Wealth Planning Into Client Advisory Process
2,568.00 568.00


*FTS Grant Cap: ​S$2,000 per participant per programme, excluding GST

The information above is correct at the time of publication. The Wealth Management Institute reserves the right to amend the fees and/or terms and conditions as appropriate.​

Who will Benefit

Topics Who will Benefit
Managing a Difficult or Distressed Client Portfolio Review Client Advisors and Relationship Managers with more than 6 years’ direct experience in private banking or private client and managing high net worth and above clients.
Client Relationship Management (CRM) in Practice Pre-admission criteria: Successful completion of WMI Certified Private Banker(CPB) Level 1 Client Relationship Management module, assessments and final role play within the last 2 years.
Integrating Insurance, Investment & Wealth Planning Into Client Advisory Process Advisors and specialists in banks and insurance organisations seeking to upskill their competencies and complement their experience by adopting a wealth planning approach to insurance.

Programme Calendar

Topics 2021 Intake
Managing a Difficult or Distressed Client Portfolio Review 12 July 2021
Client Relationship Management (CRM) in Practice Q3/Q4 2021
Integrating Insurance, Investment & Wealth Planning Into Client Advisory Process Q3/Q4 2021


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