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We have come a long way

Wealth Management Institute (WMI) was established in 2003. Founded by GIC and Temasek, we are the leading training provider for wealth and asset management in Asia. Our programmes serve wealth managers, asset managers, investment advisors, lawyers, trust professionals, wealth planners, high net-worth families and financial regulators across Asia. Our mission is to build capabilities, advance knowledge and nurture innovation and expertise in wealth management, asset management and other disciplines related to financial services.

Every day, we make impact

At the core of our existence, we believe that advancing knowledge and capabilities can have a sustainable impact on value creation at an individual, institutional and national level.

Market leading

Our programmes equip practitioners with leading-edge industry knowledge and advanced technical expertise. We connect rigorous academic theory with current industry practice to ensure we provide thought leadership and elevate capabilities that translate into impact-driven outcomes. Through our research and partnerships, we bring the latest insights and thinking to the field. We have been appointed as Singapore's Lead Training Provider for Private Banking by the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore and supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Forging the road ahead

We are setting our sights on our practitioners and on the future. This is what drives us to continue generating innovative approaches, expanding our programmes, and maintaining our leading-edge position – to make a real difference for individuals, the industry and beyond.

  • 17,000

    Annual Enrolments

  • across

  • 60

    Accredited Programmes

  • for participants from

  • 150

    Financial Institutions Across Asia

  • taught by

  • 120

    Global Academic And Practicing Industry Leaders

  • partnered

  • 30

    Financial Regulatory Agencies from China, India, Japan, Korea and Asean Countries

We are a practice-based education and research institute, connecting rigorous academic theory with current industry best practices to ensure we provide global perspectives with an Asian focus.

World Class Curriculum

Best-in-breed course content and pedagogy, rigorous methodology, striving for excellence

Advanced Expert Skills

Connecting theory with practice, case-based, learning, industry exposure and immersion, connecting people with opportunities

Forward Looking Insights and Thinking

Proprietary research, partnering with industry pioneers and thought leaders, innovating new approaches

Sense of Purpose

Discovering personal/ professional purpose, values-based learning, ethics/governance mindset, sustainable outcomes


This is the fabric of our character, the framework for every decision we make and every path we take.

  • We push frontiers of discovery and knowledge
  • We are discerning and dynamic in execution
  • We connect the best of thought and action
  • We are passionate in making positive change

Our Logo

A symbol inspired by our purpose, the radiating lines represent the impact created at different levels, while the bold letterforms mirror the innovative and dynamic qualities of WMI. The “W” shows our upward trajectory and what we can accomplish together. “M” is grounded and firm, symbolising our foundational roots in knowledge. And the copper “I” exudes column-like strength, representing lasting and sustainable impact.

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